Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 weeks to go!

I can't believe that we are so close to meeting our baby boy!! There are so many thoughts that are running through my head. First, I am excited! We are so blessed to be having a child. The Lord is the one who opens and closes wombs and He has given us such a sweet miracle. Second, I am anxious. We are about to take care of a little human being who is going to depend on us for everything for the next 18 years. Third, I am nervous. Dear Lord, calm my anxious heart and allow me to trust you with this little boys life. I tend to want to be in control of circumstances, when I am not in control. I always have the "what ifs" run through my  head and I have to catch them and say "The Lord is soverign, He is in control, He has given you this child and He loves you." We are praying now for a safe delivery, that grants us a healthy baby boy whom we will look at and see our savior that has been knitting him together for the last 10 months. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because we are so undeserving but have been richly blessed. 

Jack = God is Gracious. God has been gracious in granting us with life. May Jack understand God's grace and all its depths. May Jack understand the grace that God had on us when He sent His son Jesus to die so that we can know Him, make Him known, and give him all the glory. May he grow up to be like his dad. Who with Christ's love, stole my heart and is my best friend. I see Christ in him each day and I am so thankful for such a man who reminds me of the gospel and God's sweet grace.

Henry = leader of the household. As I prayed in my last blog, a huge prayer of ours is that Jack will grow up and be a man who leads his family in the ways of the Lord. That he will be a strong leader of his household because He knows and understands the gospel.  May he never settle when it comes to marriage. May he have a wife who will love the Lord first and more than she loves him. May she respect him and join him in raising their children to be followers of Christ. 

The world is only getting harsher and we must be on our knees in prayer for the ones that we love, the lost, and the world. However, we must not get caught up in the sad or hard things. The Lord has given us so much to enjoy! We live in a world with such beautiful sights and beautiful people. May we never forget that. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

9 weeks to go!!

Mr. Jack Henry Wolfe will be here in 9 weeks! At my last appointment, Jack weighed 3 pounds 11 ounces and was measuring at 31 weeks. We tried so hard to see his face, but he was being stubborn and hiding it from us :(. So, I am going back in a week to see if he is going to reveal himself to us. Also, I have aboslutely loved hearing his heartbeat. I never knew that the sound of a heartbeat could be so beautiful. I cry or get a big lump in my throat everytime. My emotions are definitely stirring as we wait on his arrival. Although a lot of our friends are having children too, I still feel like a lost ball in high weeds when it comes to taking care of such a little person. 
 I am so excited for Jason and I to fall in love with this precious life that the Lord has given us. I pray that He grows to be a stong man who sees his need for the Lord. I pray that he will be a man who seeks truth and labors for the kingdom of heaven. Also, that he will one day marry a Godly woman and that they will have a God-centered family. May the Lord lead us in every desicion as we seek to please Him, as we pour our lives into the precious life that will be before us. We can not do it on our on strength but only with complete reliance on the God who saved us and brought us to Himself. Pray for us as we embark on such a priviledged journey. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

On March 11th we found out that we are having a baby BOY! It was the sweetest thing ever to see him on the ultrasound screen. His measurements looked great and we are thanking the Lord. My parents came to stay with us for a couple of days and were so sweet to help us get started with the baby's room. First thing, we picked out the bedding. Then, I took that bedding to benjamin moore so that the decorator could help me pick out the paint for the walls.  My parents spent a couple of hours painting and the room looks fabulous. Thanks Mom and Dad! Jason's parents are going to purchase the crib for us. We are sooo thankful. Baby stuff really adds up! I think we have narrowed down the furniture that we want, now we just have to order it. I have been so picky through out this process, I just want it to look good for his arrival. We have been thinking about some names but I will post as soon as we have nailed it down.
As gushy as this sounds, we are still falling in love with each other every day. We are going to celebrate our one year anniversary next month. It has been an amazing year. The Lord has done a lot in these last two years. I give Him all the praise. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Introducing the Wolfes!

Jason and I were married April 25, 2009. Our courtship was a whirlwind as well as a God send. I have been praying for a man like Jason since Christ came into my life at the ago of 18. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me. He is truly a beautiful, Godly man who loves me so well and selflessly. I know that he will be an amazing father to our children. With that being said, we are expecting our first child in July 2010. We couldn't be more thankful and humbled that the Lord would bless us with such a sweet miracle.
I wanted to start this blog so that we could document our lives and let everyone know what the Lord is doing in and through our family. I pray that this blog will not be a phase, but that I would stay commited to keeping everyone updated on our lives.  Enjoy!!