Wednesday, June 1, 2011


May has been a busy month. Parents in town, Wedding, Beach, and we ended it with a trip to Nashville to see Jason's brother and sister-in-law. They are expecting their first child in November. They will not be finding out the sex, so we can't wait to meet this baby and shower it with blue or pink!

On Saturday morning, we went to the botanical gardens where they had this amazing train station set up for children (my pictures will not do it justice.)

Hey Thomas!

Jason and Jack took a stroll around the neighborhood in not a red wagon, but a green garden wagon!

Last, we ended it with a trip to Devlin Farms for a picnic. Devin Farms is a beautiful farm with organic fruits and vegtables. It is just south of Nashville. I didn't get to take many pictures because this is where the dreaded double ear infection reared its ugly head. Look at this face....

So now we are on antibiotics and keeping it real in our diaper all day long.

With the exception of a little playtime with Daddy when the fever is down.

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