Friday, August 12, 2011


What began with a rough start, turned out to be the most joyful, meaningful, rewarding and challenging year of my life. When I say challenging, I mean challenging in a good way. The Lord challenges me each day to be patient. Although I know that I am very fortunate to be staying home with Jack, my patience can sometimes give out. I react to situations the wrong way and then feel bad about it later (giving my husband an ear full of the "I'm a bad mom because" speech). The Lord also challenges me to put my Husband first, as His word says. Jason comes home from work, and with frayed patience, I can be snappy and inconsiderate of his long day as well. I am also challenged to be intentional with our time. Some days it is much easier just to let Jack roam around the house and destroy things ;). I am barely scratching the surface of all the challenges, but I say all of this to say that I am thankful the Lord uses relationships to make us more like himself. In most every situation, He shows me that I can't do this wife/parenting thing alone. I need His guidance and wisdom with every breath. OK, enough about me, lets hear about the cutest baby in the whole wide world and see some pictures!

Jack was just 10 days old in this picture. I still remember all of the emotions I had when getting these pictures made. I was still in "I can't believe that I have a baby" mode.

Now, I very aware that I have a baby and I am so thankful for him. He has my heart. I love him so much it is just plain silly. We just celebrated his first birthday. When people say "time flys" they are not kidding. This year flew by!

This is the morning of his birthday. Jason and I are singing Happy Birthday to him!

Getting his birthday pancakes!

lunch at chic-fi-la and first ice cream

A couple of days after his first birthay we took him to get his first hair cut and get his sweet baby mullet cut off

Picture with daddy after his haircut

Then we celebrating his birthday with a party!

And now we are back to our usual routine of trying to open doors and walk on walls....

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  1. what a sweet little birthday boy! i know the feeling of having your hands full- nap time is a much anticipated event at our house;) your b'day decorations look really cute!