Friday, July 8, 2011

describing jack....

charming smile.
7 teeth.
frequent falls.
baby mullet.
LOVES food.
size 4 (diaper and shoe).
18-24 months clothes.
trying to walk.
not scared.
dislikes nursery.
said goodbye to pureed foods.
waves bye bye.
says mama and dada
hilarious laugh.
throws stuff. (this can be good and bad ;)
getting dressed stinks.
loves to thrown himself back when you take him away from danger.
speed crawls to dad every day after work.
tries to climb out of the bath tub.
started whole milk. (once a day)
two bottles. (morning and night)
bounces in his high chair.
happy baby.

Jack will be a year old on August 2ND. Next month I am going to post what this first year has been like. The highs and lows. I just finished reading The Pioneer Woman's Love story "black heels to tractor wheels." It was a great book and I highly recommend it. At the end of the book, she describes the "baby blues" or "postpartum depression" in such a hilarious, yet truthful way. It took me back 11 months to what it was like when I first had Jack in my house, with no help from nurses. Let's just say that reality set in and it wasn't pretty. Thankful to the Lord, we have come oh so far, and he is my little mushy pie.

I am also going to begin sharing things about my life after becoming a christian my second year of college. I hope to be able to articulate my rebellion while being pursued by our Heavenly Father. My inspiration comes from an old journal of mine that I had written in, in 2006. It is full of written prayers. After dusting if off and looking back through it, I was in awe of God's pursuit for His people. He was with me, even while I was running way.

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